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©B D Prewer 2006

These prayers may be freely used without the express permission of the author

when they are––

either read aloud by a leader of worship

or included in a once-off printed ‘Order of Worship.’

They may not be printed, neither singly nor in bulk, in any other publication

without permission.’




TRUTH & FREEDOM    John 8: 31-32. 1











RESURECTION LIFE   1 Cor. 15. 10


THIS WORD    1 John 1:1-4. 12


OUR OWN CROSS  Mark 8:34-38. 14



THE SURE GROUND Romans 8:35-39. 16


WHEN I CONSIDER Matthew 6: 24-34. 17

OUR INHERITANCE  1 Peter 1: 3-5. 18


ONE AND THE MANY  1 Corinthians 12:3-7. 20










TRUTH & FREEDOM    John 8: 31-32


If you live in my words, you are true disciples. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.



I believe in the Truth that is larger than this life;

the Supra-Truth which over-guides all things seen and unseen,

the Infra-Truth which undergirds our days with holy compassion.


I believe in the Truth unsearchable, yet which reveals itself to infants, fools and sinners;

which nudged the lives of Abraham and Sarah into a magnificent destiny,

inserted bold, new values into the mind of Moses,

gave new hope to the outsiders Rahab and Ruth,

and in Isaiah and his fellow prophets inspired dreams of a brave new world


I believe in the confounding Truth that visited and redeemed the people;

who grew in embryo and was delivered through a mother’s travail,

became a refugee and then learned the way of a carpenter.


I believe in this living Truth, who was tempted in all points just as we are,

Yet who went about doing good with a flair never seen before;

Whose words were liberation, whose hands bestowed health,

and whose love was deeper than Sheol and higher than the stars.


I believe in the despised and the rejected Truth,

the betrayed, denied, rejected, sorely abused and forsaken truth,

who on a black Friday bore the weight of the world’s evil;

who was crucified dead and buried like a solitary grain of wheat,

yet was raised up to offer the world a harvest of light and love.


I believe in the ongoing, relentless, untameable Spirit of Truth

who is among us with indefatigable optimism and joy,

convicting and forgiving, rejuvenating and liberating,

and bestowing gifts so that we may serve the world with love and holy delight.


I believe there are many restrooms in the eternal House of Truth,

and that a place has been prepared for even me.




Truly I believe in the Truth which is larger than life,

and I long to trust this Loving Truth more and more.







I believe in the Giver of grace:

      in the clean doubts that bless us,

      in the questions that unsettle us,

      in the mysteries which baffle us,

and in those wonder-moments

which leave us agape with awe.


I believe in the Giver of grace:

      in the ideals that draw us,

      in the hungers that drive us,

      in the dreams that inspire us,

and in those wonder-moments

which leave us riven with awe.


I believe in the Giver of grace:

      in the truth that arrests us,

      in the light that strip-searches us,

      in the self-awareness that humbles us,

and in those wonder-moments

which leave us aching with awe.


I believe in the Giver of grace:

      in the faith that holds on to us,

      in the hope that uplifts us,

      in the love that enthralls us,

and in those wonder-moments

which leave us praising with awe.


I believe in the Giver of grace:

      in the arms that enfold us,

      in the shoulders that carry us,

      in the voice that laughs with us,

and in those wonder-moments

which leave us adoring with awe.

                       Ó B.D. Prewer 6.06.2006




Holy yet elusive Friend, we believe in you

with all that is sacred in our mind and heart.


You are the awesome Mystery

      behind every move we make or step we take.

You are the drive which makes me desire to slake my curiosity

      on something greater than the sun by day or the stars by night

You are the security which underwrites

      the faith-risks we take in the pursuit of social justice.

You are the peace which abounds

      whenever debts are forgiven and reconciliation won.

You are the courage which inspires us

      to pursue our purest dreams and hopes.

You are the joy breaking out

      on earth and in heaven when a lost child returns home.

You are the smile we see

      on the face of the Teacher Jesus

and the bloodied love we encounter

      when we follow him to the cross.


Holy yet elusive Friend, we believe in you

with all that is most sacred in our mind and heart.





Mark 16: 6-7


He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and you will meet him in Galilee.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


On sunny mornings, when the days are full of promise

and difficult things no longer seem impossible,

he will meet you to help turn hopes into loving deeds.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


On wintry evenings when, chilled and weary you return home,

wondering whether your efforts have been worth the sparse outcomes,

he will be waiting for you, ready to listen to your fears.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


In times of loss: loss of work, purpose, friends;

or when malicious tongues have robbed you of your good name

he will be with you with open arms and uplifting word.


In times of success, when you feel affirmed by those around you,

and even some old critics give you an a slight nod of approval,

he will meet you with a grin of shared pleasure.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


Should you get over-confident and careless, losing you way,

so that you must repent and retrace your steps,

he will be lovingly waiting for you at the point where you lost it.


Should you, through no fault of your own,

find yourself in darkest night without a guiding star

he will be at your side, arm-in-arm testing the next step, one at a time.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


If you achieve more than you expected from you small array of gifts,

and your cup seems full and overflowing,

he will be there to drink with you from its abundance.


If you are called upon to suffer physical or emotional pain,

until you fear you are at the threshold of the unbearable,

he will come to hold you with outreached, bleeding hands.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


In seasons of rebirth, restoration and new vision,

when you feel so blessed that you ache with gratitude,

he will be present to lead you in new songs of praise.


In the season of enfeeblement and decay,

and in the hour when the final shadows lengthen,

he will be waiting to induct you into the mystery eternal life.

He is not entombed;

for he has risen, and we will meet him in Galilee.


Blessed be the Lord and God of the New Israel,

who has visited and redeemed his people!

Hallelujah! He has risen

and we will meet him in Galilee.





I believe in You, God, in mysteries that are inaccessible

in depths that are unfathomable, and in grace that is available.


I believe: the beauty of red outback ranges, daisy-carpeted inland plains, or the orchids of coastal rainforest, are but a reflection of the God whose providence engenders every flower petal and each speck of earth’s dust.


I believe: the stars of the Southern Cross, the enormous splendour of the Milky Way, and galaxies beyond galaxies, are infinitely more diminutive than the Word which constitutes and empowers them.


I believe: the ethical insights of that person Moses, the Hebrew prophets’ passion for social justice and their visions of a new world that can yet come, are but intimations of the loving righteousness of the God who inspires them.


I believe: the powers within an atom, the elusive behavior of electrons, the wonders of the human genetic code, the diversity of life on planet earth, are nothing near as complex as the God who framed them.


I believe: the amazing circuitry of the brain, the unique qualities of each woman, man and child, and yet the subtle infrastructure than makes us all one, are small offshoots of the God whose love is all in all.


I believe: the commitment and sufferings of the social reformer, the blood of the martyrs, and the prayers of the saints and little children, are valid yet distorted icons of the God who redeems them all.


I believe: the free spirit of Mary’s Child, Jesus, his teaching and his healing, his purity of heart and humility of spirit, his faithfulness even unto the cross, and his transcending of the grave, are the sharpest insight we will ever have into the God who filled our Christ’s humanity to overflowing.


I believe: all that is seen or unseen, discovered or as yet uncovered, all that is present or is yet to come, are the works of a Creator and Redeemer whose mercies are over all we have, are or ever will become.


I believe in You, God, in mysteries that are inaccessible and in depths that are unfathomable, and in a healing love that is amongst us, full of grace and truth.







I believe in a Supreme Holiness at work, for all things, through all things, and above all things.



I believe in an awesome Purpose ingrained in our lives, no matter how far we wander or how deeply we offend.


I believe in an enabling Providence which offers sufficient for the need, but not the greed, of all creatures great and small.


I believe in an enduring Love which suffers with us in pain and disease, and which shares the grief of all our self inflicted injuries.


I believe in an unlimited Grace, which precedes and supersedes all our foolish and evil ways and redeems our lives from destruction.


I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, who is the very image of this invisible Holiness, and the source of redeeming grace, whose life, death and resurrection has made all things new.


I believe in the Holy Spirit, who makes the grace of Christ real to our minds and hearts, and

who Counsels us when all other good counsel fails.


I believe in the One God, the Cradle, Crux and Krisis of all things seen and unseen,

in whom we live and move and have our being.








I pass on to each of you

what we have first received

from a friend of the Lord Jesus:

“They who believe, obey,

and all who obey will believe.”


Though shadows arise,

and clouds fill the skies,

there’s nothing can drive you away.

Not a sigh nor a tear, not a frown nor a fear,

can win while we trust and obey..


We shall trust and obey,

for there’s no other way

to be happy in Jesus,

but to trust and obey.


There’s no burden we bear

and no sorrow we wear,

that can outwear his love for our clay.

Not a joy nor a pain,

not a loss nor a gain,

but is shared if we trust and obey.


They who believe, obey,

and all who obey will believe.



We shall trust and obey,

for there’s no other way

to be happy in Jesus,

but to trust and obey.





Sure and generous are you, loving God,

your Christ has brought light and laughter into our days.


You are the A and the Z, the genesis, gestation and destiny

of all that breathes and thinks, hopes and prays.


Apart from you there is no Creator.


You are the travail and the birth, the parable and its teller,

the wounded healer and the Easter uprising.


Apart from you there is no Redeemer.


You are the gift and the giver, the breath and the rebirther,

the font of liberty and the soul of integrity.


Apart from you there is no Spirit of Truth.


Giver most bounty-full, Friend most grace-full,

Counsellor most resource-full,

We love you, we worship you, we adore you.


You are God, there is no other.

You are God, we want no other.


You are God –

let earth rejoice and the morning stars sing for joy




  * Inspired by Isaiah and John.


All flesh is as grass

and human beauty as brief as wild flowers;

the grass withers, the flower fades,

but the word of the Lord endures forever.


I believe in Jesus,

the Living Word,

with God and of God from the beginning,

This Word is boundless life,

and this life is the light of the world.


The grass withers, the flower fades,

but the Word of the Lord endures forever.


From the beginning this Word was,

yet human ears have heard it;

we have seen it with our mortal eyes,

and touched it with our human hands,

the Word of abundant life.


The grass withers, the flower fades,

but the Word of the Lord endures forever.


The Word became human flesh,

pitched its tent among us,

full of truth and grace,

and we beheld his glory,

such glory as belongs to God's Son,


The grass withers, the flower fades,

but the Word of the Lord endures forever.


He came unto his very own,

but his own would not welcome him,

but to any who do welcome him,

he gives the right and the power

to become children of God.

All human flesh is as grass

and human beauty as brief as wild flowers.


What remarkable love has God shown us,

that we should be called the children of God.

It is not yet clear what we shall finally become,

but we know that when he appears

we shall see him and be like him.


All human flesh is as grass

and mortal beauty as brief as wild flowers;

the grass withers, the flower fades,

but the word of the Lord endures forever.




I put my trust in the unnamable Name,

the genesis and journey of glories seen and unseen,

my rock and salvation.  


The quality life that I live,

I live by the grace of the Son of God

who loves me and gave himself for me.


The gifts I employ

are a bonus from the Spirit-Companion,

who gives that we may share with the world.


This is my faith;

this is my sincere intention;

this is my joy and my destiny.







Luke 4: 14-21


God is good, God is loving,

and God wants a fair go for each and for all.


This I believe; so help me God.


I believe the Spirit of God alighted supremely upon Messiah Jesus,

who in humble strength came to announce

good news to the destitute and hungry, and forgotten;

to cry freedom for captives of war and addictions,

to deliver restoration of sight to those blind in body and soul,

and to win liberty with justice to all who are oppressed.


He came for all people,

whether clothed in fine raiment or wearing jeans and joggers.

He came and lived among us,

making it clear, once and for all,

that the jubilee of salvation has arrived.


God is good, God is loving,

God is like Christ Jesus.

Into this faith I have been liberated.


This I do believe; so help me God.





Remind me, sisters and brothers,

of that Easter faith that launched the infant church

and propelled it down through the long centuries,

until this very hour.


We share with you what we have freely received:

For you and all people.


Tell, me again, my sisters and brothers,

lest caught up in the vanity of the world

faith may ebb away without me noticing.



This is the faith by which your stand,

by which you are healed and set free.


That Christ died for our sins,

was crucified and buried,

and was raised on the third day.


He appeared to Peter,

then to the first twelve disciples.

Later he appeared to over five hundred believers

gathered at the one time.

Also to his brother James,

and to all the enlarged group of apostles.


Last of all,

although we are unworthy to be called apostles,

he has made himself known to us.


If Christ has not been raised,

there would be no church,

The Christian would be a brief chimera

which appeared and then faded

in an obscure land long ago.


But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead,

the first fruit of the harvest of the dead.

For as from the very first creation,

all have been born to die,

so in Christ’s new creation

are reborn to live forever.



Thank your, my sisters and brothers.

This is indeed the faith by which we stand,

by which we are healed and set free.

Like a grain of wheat, what is sown is perishable,

what is raised is imperishable,

what is buried with apparent hopelessness,

is raised with great honour and joy.

This I do believe, thanks be to God.

This we believe, thanks be to God.





We believe in the Everlasting Light,

God of God, light of light,

shining before all worlds began.


And God said, let there be light, and there was light.

God has caused Light to shine upon us, to give the light

of revelation of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.              


Like the morning light, driving back the darkness, illuminating all things, bringing out their shape, colour and purpose.


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, on them the light has shined.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never smother it.


As sun-shower light, breaking through the rain clouds, creating rainbows of hope, and inviting children to skip and dance in its radiance.


We do not belong to the darkness; we are all children of ligh.

A chosen race; a royal priesthood, God’s own people, called to declare the wonderful deeds

of  the One who calls us into marvellous light.


Strong midday light, relentlessly exposing those cracks and crevices where evils of the human mind lurk and corrupt


The Lord will bring to light what darkness hides, and disclose our inner motives.

This is the judgement; that the light has come but many have preferred darkness to the light.


Sunset light; hushing the busy world, lengthening the shadows, bringing calm to fevered souls and inducing a spirit of contemplation.


If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we shall have true communion with one another. The Lord is my light and salvation, no more do I we need to be afraid.


Like starlight, filling the awe-filled soul with holy questions, and providing navigation guides for wise souls on long journeys through the unknown.


When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.

Entering the house they fell down and worshipped him.

In Him is abundant life, and this life is the true light of all.


As moonlight, gentling over the contours of farmland and city, releasing people to speak those words of love that are too often neglected or suppressed.  


If any of us should say “I am in the light,” yet does not show love for others, we are still in darkness. Only when we are loving toward others, are we living in the light of Christ.


God of God, true light of true light.

This we believe!

Thanks be to God!



THIS WORD    1 John 1:1-4


We have faith;

we have very good news

to share.


It was there; always there,

there at the beginning.

It is always there,

And will for ever be there.


It has been seen it with human eyes,

heard it with mortal ears,

felt it with our human hands.


This is the Joy we celebrate:

the very Word of Life,

the creating and redeeming Word,

the Word was made visible and palpable,

loveable yet also crucifiable.


This is not for solo performers;

for through this Word of life

we have entered a new community

which through the Spirit we share

with the Father and the Son.


This is our faith.

Of this we speak and write,

for this we pray and serve,

with this we will live and die.


It does not ever get better than this!

No wonder our joy is complete!






Life may seem chaotic;

it can appear brutal, without pity or purpose;

it can be written off as ‘vanity of vanities.’

Yet by a miracle of Divine grace,

we do have a faith to celebrate.


We believe in One Source of all things, a providence sure yet unsearchable.

Therefore we will go on sowing seeds of hope,

as small as mustard grains,

yet more potent than despair,


We believe in One Healer and Rescuer, whose love is costly yet free.

Therefore we will go on sharing the fruits of love,

with the poor, the meek and lonely,

looking for no kudos or personal profit.


We believe in One Counsellor, who pleads our cause when words fail us.

Therefore we will go on encouraging others,

pleading the cause of those who have no voice

and, when appropriate, wearing some of their pain.


We choose not to complain or cringe,

we refuse the delusion that life is chaotic

vain, brutal and without pity or purpose.

We believe, and try to live out our belief

in Father, Son and Holy Spirit:

the Community of One God,

who is beyond all, within all, and for us all.



OUR OWN CROSS  Mark 8:34-38


I believe in Messiah Jesus,

and though my lot is not all smiles

I’ll trust his word and way.


I believe in the paradox of faith,

that in selfishly pampering our life we will lose it,

but through willingly losing it in the cause of Christ we will save it.


Make me a captive, Lord,

and then I shall be free,

force me to render up my sword,

and I shall conqueror be.


I believe in carrying my own cross;

not Christ’s cross –a presumption patently stupid–

but bearing whatever scorn or pain comes from following him.


My faith is small and weak,

a cross at first seems vile;

but when I bear it for his sake

I sing the second mile.


I believe in a public creed,

not fearing jeers or shame,

confessing Him by word and deed,

delighting in his name.


My will is not my own

till I have made its yours,

I do not know what freedom is

until I serve your cause.


I believe in messiah Jesus,

the future is an open door

where I hope to believe much more.






When I start to lack direction

and I make a lot of noise,

I believe in God beside me

who will return my poise.


When my love loses its warmth,

and apathy smogs the soul,

I believe in God before me

with tongs and a burning coal.


When church seems a leprous bride,

and I’m tempted to resign,

I believe in God who’s waiting

for my reformation to begin.


When the lamp of faith ebbs low,

and the night seems dark as sin,

I believe in God within me

and dawn will arrive again.


When evil seems all powerful,

Christ’s realm lost in its slime,

I believe in God who is coming

to roll up the scroll of time.






When all things seemed barren of purpose

and deep darkness covered the face of the earth,

one joyful Hope leapt down from heaven,

from the very throne of God,

and glory shone around.


The lost are now searched for,

the unloved are cherished

the rejected are embraced

and the unlucky come into a fortune.


This I do believe,

Thanks be to the God of hope.


The nameless are named,

the torn are mended,

the handicapped are most beautiful,

and the sad begin the wear smiles.



This I do believe

Thanks be to the Christ of hope.


The aimless are called,

the rebels are promoted,

the useless are employed

and the lame commence to dance.


This I do believe.

Thanks be to the Spirit of hope.


The beggars are fed,

the doubters are believers,

the vagrants are home,

and the dead have become the alive.


One Living Hope has leapt down from heaven,

from the very throne of God,

and glory shines around

and within all things.

This I do believe.



THE SURE GROUND Romans 8:35-39



I believe,

Giver of faith,

please strengthen my belief.


What can separate us from the love of Christ?

Nothing, nothing at all;

neither a sea of troubles nor a valley of shadows;

neither tsunami, drought nor cyclone;

not persecution, hunger, terrorism or war.

No matter what happens,

we will be much better than survivors

through Christ who loves us.


Of this I can be utterly certain—

there is nothing in life or in death,

in the occult or supernatural powers,

nothing in the world as it is

or the world as it shall become,

nothing in the immensities of the cosmos,

or in the quantum quirks of electrons;


Nothing at all in time, space or eternity

that can separate us from the love of God

in Christ Jesus our Lord.


I do believe,

Giver of faith,

please strengthen my belief.





You are my Friend, my surest guide,

you choose my path among the rocks,

you fill my mouth with honeycombed.

the holy Three,

the loving One,


With gentle yoke you share my load

with a broad smile you cleave the cloud,

in your arm’s nook I find my bed:

the holy Three

the loving One.


My rod and staff in dark ravines,

my sherpa guide among the peaks.,

you are the deep well in my drought

the holy Three,

the loving One.


You are my hope when all is lost,

my warning light when all seems gained,

the humble mender of my wounds,

the holy Three

the loving One.



WHEN I CONSIDER Matthew 6: 24-34


When I consider the birds of the air

who neither sow nor hoard

yet are amply fed

without anxiety

and in whose liberty

Eternity sings to me,

Lord I want to believe.


When I consider

the wild flowers

who neither sew nor knit

yet are clothed in splendour

and from whose tiny centres

Eternity smiles on me,

I want to believe.


When I consider the Son of Man

healer of lepers and friend of sinners

who did not bow to cruel fate

but embraced a divine destiny

and in whom Eternity

is present with all its costly grace,

I do believe.


When I consider

the untameable Spirit of Truth

sometimes like fire

sometimes like wind

who fosters the love of Eternity

and makes it work in me,

I do believe.



OUR INHERITANCE  1 Peter 1: 3-5


Grace and peace is with us

in the fullest measure.


I believe

In the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus,

who out of his priceless mercy

has give us new birth

into a living hope

through the resurrection

of Jesus the Christ

from the dead.


I believe

in the inheritance

to which we are now born,

a future than nothing

can destroy or spoil or wither.


By faith we know

this inheritance is always available

in the dwelling place of God,

in the safest of hands

under God’s eternal care,

until the fullness of our healing

is complete

at the end of time.


This I believe.

Thanks be to God.






we admit our faith is patchy,


There are seasons when I believe much,

at other times only a little;

some days I put my faith to work,

other times I am slothful.


On mountains of blessed certitude

I want to sing with the angels,

But in the valley of doubt

my life is one big grumble.


Sometimes I cannot understand

why anyone could be so dumb

as not to believe.

At others times I brood and envy

those whose sturdy faith

bear loving fruits.


Creating God,

saving Brother,

enhancing Spirit,

I believe.

Help me, please,

to break completely free

from unbelief.



ONE AND THE MANY  1 Corinthians 12:3-7



About the gifts of the Holy Spirit

we are not left in ignorance.


This we believe.


In a congregation, many gifts

but only one Spirit;

many valid ways of serving

but one Lord Jesus;

many inspiring works

but one loving God.

In each of us the Spirit is displayed

in a particular way,

not for personal aggrandisement

but always for a useful purpose.


No one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’

except by the influx of the Holy Spirit.


In this we believe.





We believe in the Holy Mystery

of the Lord’s Table.


It is new yet old,

timely yet timeless;

it is  transitory yet everlasting,

mortal yet gloriously immortal.


The Bread precedes all things

yet it is baked in common ovens,

the Wine is the fruit of the earth

yet is the overflow of heaven.


We consume and digest it

yet it consumes us with holy love,

We make it a part of our flesh and mind

yet it is over and beyond all things.


Such is the Table of the Lord;

we believe in the Mystery

and receive grace upon grace.


                       (Inspired by Melito of Sardis, C 150-200 AD)





To Christ Jesus

we pledge our allegiance;


In his silence he is judge

in his words he is light;


when he frowns there is gloom

when he smiles there is peace;


where he walks there is hope

where he dines there is joy;


from his cross there flows grace

from his tomb flows new life.


Such is Jesus, our Christ,

Child of man, Child of God;

To him be glory forever!



(Faintly echoing  Melito of Sardis, C 150-200 AD)





Today we take time to cherish

our communion with Christians long ago;

like those who worshipped like a man called Justin,

from Galilee to Rome

in the third century of our Lord Jesus.


On the day named after the sun,

all whom live in country or city assemble.


The memoirs of the apostles

and the writings of the prophets

are read for as long as time allows.


When the lector has finished,

the presiding person address us

and exhorts us to implement

the splendid things we have heard.


Then we all stand and pray.


When we have finished praying,

we greet each other with the kiss of peace.


Then gifts of bread, wine and water are brought.

The presiding person then prays over them and gives thanks,

and the people give their assent with an “Amen!”


Next the gifts are distributed

and everyone shares in them,

and deacons take them to absent members.


Those who us who have any resources

come to the aid of all in need,

for we are always assisting one another.


It is on Sunday that we thus assemble

because the day of the sun is the first day,

the day on which God transformed

darkness and chaos and created the world,

and it is the very day

on which Jesus Christ our Saviour

rose from the dead.


                       (Justin of Galilee and Rome, writing about 150 AD)





Once city of Jerusalem was precious,

but now it has lost its value

because our Christ is not confined there.


Once the law of Moses was precious,

but now t has lost its value

because Christ’s love is everything.


Once the blood of a lamb was precious,

but now its has lost its value

because Christ has brought full salvation


Once the Temple was precious

but now it has lost its value

because Christ is our holy place.


No longer is there any single site

nor the tiniest enclosure

where the glory of God is not established;

for grace has been poured out

to the very ends of the earth,

and everywhere is the tabernacle of God

through Christ Jesus,

to whom be glory forever!



Based on Melito of Sardis   c 150-200 AD





What others claim I don’t deny

but miracles have passed me by

no shinning cloud, no burning bush

no Naaman’s ass to give a push

but there’s just one

that works for me

one miracle

that sets me free


it comes as free as sun and rain

it soaks me whole yet leaves no stain

it does not shout or make a fuss

nor advertise on train or bus

  it’s just called grace,

  this miracle

  and Jesus is

  its oracle.


This I believe

my truest word

  this is my creed

  so help me God!






   See Isaiah 40: 28-31


This have come to know,

this is what we have heard:

the Eternal is an everlasting God,

creator of heaven and earth,

   who does not grow weary or faint;

   whose wisdom is unsearchable,

   giving energy to the meek

   and  strength to those who have none.


Even youths shall faint and grow weary,

young athletes shall fall exhausted;

but those who love the Lord Jesus

and patiently put their trust in God,

   shall renew their strength;

   they shall soar with wings like eagles,

   they shall run and not weary,

   they shall walk and not faint.





All is from God,

all things are in God,

this I believe


In the beginning there is Grace

far preceding time and space,

 dreaming hopes of magnitude,

 ready with all plenitude.


In the shaping there is Grace,

tireless working in each place,

  holiness that’s so profound

  that we walk on sacred ground.


In the turmoil there is Grace

underwriting every race,

  caring when one soul gets lost

  saving at enormous cost.


At the ending there is Grace

superseding time and space,

  welcoming the last and least

  wearing still a human face.


All is from God,

all things move towards God,

this I do believe