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SUNDAY 29    Oct 16-22


Mark 10: 35-45....                    (Sermon 1: “In an Upside-down World”)

Hebrews 5:1-10....                    (Sermon 2: “A Pre-fabricated Christ?”)

Job 38: 1-7, 34-41....

Psalm 104:1-9, 24,35c




Bless the Lord, O my soul!

Bless the Lord, O my soul,

fill my life in every part with praise.


Worship is doing what many people outside these walls regard

            as both presumptuous and foolish.

Worship is creatures made from star dust claiming their delight

            in the hidden, holy Creator of all time and space.

Christian worship is shaped by Jesus Christ who encourages us

            to approach this holy God as a child approaches a loving parent.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

And also with you!




We are lucky people, numbered amongst those glorious fools of God

            who dare to believe and celebrate it together.

We believe in God, not by our efforts but by faith

            in the One who has first believed in us

We believe in God through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

            and the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.

We are lucky people, numbered with those saints and seers

            whose deeds and words inspire us to reach higher.





God of Jesus and our God, the very thought of you is mind-blowing!

We cannot define you, but we can adore you in your holiness.

You are the Light of lights, the Beauty of all beauties, the Love surpassing all loves!

You hold our life in the palm of your hands,

you define our nature by speaking your Word,

and you save us from delusion and futility by sharing our existence.

You are the heart and soul of the universe,

who makes the morning stars sing together

and the angels of God shout for joy


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful is your name!

We are yours forever! Amen!




Let us allow ourselves to be confronted by the relentless mercy of God, as we seek forgiveness and renewal.


 Let us pray.


Most holy Friend, among the many confessions we might make to you, there is one particularly frustrating one: we are an enigma to ourselves.

We do not really know ourselves well enough to disentangle the good from the bad.

When do our good deeds stem from love, and when from a disguised selfishness?

When is our felt guilt a healthy thing, and when is a sick self pity?

Are some of the things we call our weaknesses really our strengths, and could some of our supposed virtues really be our weaknesses?

How do we separate what we call our high principles from a closed mind, or humility from an inverted pride?


Saviour Friend, thank goodness that you search us and know us! You completely read our record, yet you willingly accept us, forgive us, and deal with us with a love and wisdom far exceeding our deserving.


We ask for that mercy again today. Please gather us up into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Break us free, painfully if that is what is takes, from evil’s tentacles, and heal us from the diseases of the mind and spirit. Restore and polish the image of yourself within us, and let its beauty transfigure our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Make us new. Make us your own. Through Christ Jesus our Saviour.





My fellow pilgrims on the road to the promised land, by the grace of Christ we are set free from both foolish self-justification and from burdensome guilt. The Spirit God whom gives us does not lead us backwards into a life of religious bondage, but into a liberty where new things are possible. You are truly the children of God and joint-heirs with Christ.

Thanks be to God!






Loving God,

you really are serious about saving this world

from the trouble our stupid pride causes,

aren’t you?


You asked your True Son to live like a servant,

hoping that we might take the hint.

When that did not work very much,

Jesus sacrificed his whole life

that we might be saved from evil.


Wasn’t that going a bit too far?

Wouldn’t it have been easier

to just trash the lot of us

and start again.


But you were not looking for an easy answer,

were you, God?

You were determined to fix things up

and bring us to our senses.


Thank you, loving God.

Thank you for doing it the hard way.

Thank you for Jesus.

Thank you for his cross.

Thank you for his beautiful Spirit

with us right now.






               See “The Bountiful God” page 30 “Australian Psalms” Revised edition.




Mark 10:43-45. John 13:1-10a


Service is not what makes us Christ’s,

it’s the fruit of belonging.

Humility’s not onerous stuff

it flows from quiet believing.


Christ sets us free from claiming rights,

it’s grace that does the saving.

It’s not a drag to share his love,

our sails are filled when serving.


They eat his bread and drink his cup

who submit to his dowsing.

Whose feet are washed by God’s first Ch

shall also share his dancing.

                                                                                          © B.D. Prewer 2000




Majestic God, in you there is a humility that leaves our egotistical humanity flabbergasted. Through the grace of your servant Jesus, our Christ and Lord, please give us such fundamental trust and security, that we shall no more want to flaunt ourselves. Then in the liberty of his Spirit, may we serve one another without pretension, glorifying you without hardly knowing that we are doing it. For your love’s sake.






Mark 10:42-44


It was warm in my study the other afternoon. I dozed off while working on my PC and had a curious dream.

                        --------------------------                 -------------------------                  -----------------------

I was walking about in an inverted way, like a fly on a ceiling. It felt extremely comfortable. Like it was the sensible way to live. In fact in this dream the people of my community had been living that way for thousands of years. We actually thought we liked it that way. It seemed sensible and plain normal for us.


Then along came a Jew, complete with Semitic nose, black hair and beard, and a bright twinkle in his deep, dark eyes. He was walking in an odd way; like down-side up?


He said: “Hey, you fellows.  Don’t you feel stupid living upside down like you are?”


“No” my people answered as one. “We like it this way. In fact we are not upside down, you are down-side up.  You are making a fool of yourself. Doesn’t it worry you that you are the only person walking that way up? Why don't you join the rest of us?”


“Are you kidding” answered the sparkling-eyed Jew with the strong nose and black beard. I have come to save you, not to copy your self destructive ways.


Who do you think you are?” a brother retorted, thrusting out his jaw. “What makes you think we need saving? Just look at yourself, you inverted screwball? We don’t pretend to be perfect but most of us are doing okay.  Of course there are always a few bad apples in every box. But we have our moral values you know. We are nice people. We do a pretty good job in a hard world.”


The dark bearded Jew chuckled. “My oh my, we are touchy today aren’t we. Look, I do understand that you believe what you say. You are convinced that you are right and I am wrong. It could not be otherwise, having lived all your lives upside down world as you lot do. It’s the only way you know.”


“Humph!” said a sister. “Rave on! Why don’t you button your lip! Who are you to presume to tell us our world is upside down. Look at yourself! Down-side up? Really man, who is the kook here? We have worked hard to get where we are, you know. We have realistic standards and goals. These have been tested and refined over thousands of years. Our code offers the best options if you want to make something of yourself in this hard world.”


For the moment the Jew with the black beard lost the twinkle from his eyes. He sighed. “Look, he said gently yet firmly. I know you think you are doing a good job. In fact, considering you persist in living in that inverted way, some of you cope moderately well. I would give the best of you about 9 out of 10 for effort and 3 out of 10 for achievement.”


“Hold it right there!” snorted a brother with big biceps. “You don't get it, do you? You insist on walking down side up and yet you have the gall to allot us low marks for achievement? Look mate, you are the crazy one. You are the low achiever. Believe me young man, if you continue living like that you will self destruct. It’s just too risky. Get it into your head: There are thousands of years of experience behind how we live. We are not the ones in danger. You are. Keep living like that and you will come to a sad end.”


“Yea,” chimed in a jockey-sized bloke wearing high healed boots. “You have attitude, mate. We find your comments offensive. And if nice people like us are offended, then how much more will you offend the big guys? Those in the marble buildings up on capital hill and in cathedral square?  For your own sake, quit this silly act and join us the right way up. Maybe you do have something to teach us, I grant you that. Perhaps we don't have all the answers. But you’ve got to stop being such an extremist.”


In my dream the black-bearded man with the Semitic nose, somersaulted and stood inverted like us. “Okay” he said, then, “Wait a mo, till I get my balance; this makes me a bit squeamish. But I have done it before occasionally, and I can survive for a while today.”


He took a while to steady himself;


“Don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not ready to agree with you. But I want to look again at the world through your eyes. But immediately I do, I find it only makes me all the sadder.  This view of yours is grossly distorted. It is in fact invalid. When I live in my world, I can see how false your views are. When I stand upside down beside you lot, the view is even worse. Just standing for a few minutes in your shoes fills me with melancholy. Your goals in life, and your values, are all inverted like you are.”


“Values? Such as?” inquired a child?


“Such as the code by which you live. Your mission statements? You think your aims are wise, like that teaching in what you call the “Beat Attitudes.” But when I read that code it gives me the creeps.


“Why?” asked the child. “I’ve learnt them off by heart and they sound cool to me.” Taking a big breath she rushed into a recitation:

            Blessed are those of a proud spirit, the sky’s no limit to them.     

            Blessed are those who never say sorry, they won’t need comforters.

            Blessed are those who put self first, they shall own the earth.

            Blessed are those who are hungry for money, they shall make it big time.

            Blessed are those who have no pity for wimps, they shall never be treated like one.

            Blessed are those who can compromise, they shall see their reward.

            Blessed are those who have super weapons, they shall not be attacked.

            Blessed are those who buy their way out of trouble, the world is their oyster.

            Blessed are you when others flatter you, you will enjoy seeing them eat crow.

            Blessed are you who use up your kindly neighbours, they deserve to be suckers.

            Blessed are you who stick it to your enemies, you will relish their pain.


She paused, breathless, looking delighted that she had remembered the lot. Her dad looked on proudly and her mum patted her on the shoulder.


The Jew with the prominent nose and black hair now had a sadness in his eyes that seemed to go deeper than I could ever plumb. It was if he were experiencing some kind of travail. His shoulders shook.


Then turning to those adults with the child, he said to them: “Is this your work? She’s cute but so is a parrot. Are you proud of what you have taught your little ones? He glared around at the whole community.”


Taking a deep breath, he reverted to his usual downside up position.


There was murmuring among the people.


One woman, wearing a leather mini skirt, stepped forward. “Why shouldn’t we be proud. We have to live in the real world, don’t we? Not everyone can be a nutter like you and walk around down-side up. If we did not teach our kids how to survive,   we would be bad parents. They need tough love, hard enough to make a life for themselves. We love our kids dearly; we do our very best so that they can make good.”


The Jew just shook his head; “Make good? Is that what you call it? My God, what things we do to those we love! I tell you this: If any man or woman corrupts one of these little ones, it would be better if their neck was chained to a bulldozer and it was driven far out into the sea.”


Many now scowled, most of them angry with him. The bloke with the big biceps tightened his muscles and shouted: “Watch your mouth, flipside freak!  What do you know about bringing up kids? You aren’t even man enough to have a wife.”


Derisive laughter spread through the crowd.


But there were a few, maybe a dozen men a few women, who drew apart from the main mob. Though not so far apart as would appear too obvious. Two of them, I think they were Johno and Jimmy, sidled a couple of steps closer to Jesus.


“What do you want of me?” he asked.


As if carefully rehearsed, they answered him in unison:  “Teacher we would like you to do us a little favour? If you do inherit this new world, this kingdom you talk about, could we please be at the coronation and up there on the dais with you? One at your right hand and one at your left?”


For a moment the Jew with the black beard looked as if he would explode in anger. Then his shoulders softened and he shrugged.  He guided the two of them back to their friends. Most of this small group had overheard the favour asked by Johno and Jimmy, and they were annoyed. If there were to be any free seats going, they wanted to be in on the deal.


Again sighing, the man with the deep black eyes and dark beard spoke quietly to them. “You know how it is in this inverted world of yours? Everyone tries to upstage their neighbour, and some will sell their souls to grab at political power. That is the way things are here, right?”


They nodded.


“Well it certainly is not like that in my new world. If anyone in my kingdom wants to be great, they must to get their hands dirty and serve other people. If you want to be in the running for the citizen of the year, you must be happy to be live like a lowly servant. For I, the Spon of Man, have come with one mission to this crazy, inverted world. I have come to you, not to be waited on by you, but to serve you and to give my life as a ransom to rescue many.”


In my dream, those around Jesus looked sceptical. Three or four looked at him sideways and exchanged raised eyebrows, as if Jesus were on another planet.


The larger mob began to lose interest.  Their attention was caught by a passing circus troupe, and they hurried off to see where the circus was going to set up its tent.


But the small group did remain with Jesus the dark eyed Jew. He possessed a quiet joy they dearly wanted. So they followed him as he, now walking  inverted with them as a concession to their weakness, turned down a rough road that led to Jericho.


My dream now became fragmented, then it faded. But I woke up feeling I there was a final scene I should remember.

              ---------------------------     ---------------------------     ----------------------------

Was it something about me taking my stand with that Jew, the one with the black beard, Semitic nose and twinkling eyes? Yes something like that. I think I was now standing down-side-up like him, feeling little giddy but delighted to find that I could actually do it. It was not as impossible as I first thought. Then I lifted up my eyes and gasped! I could now clearly see much further than I had ever seen before in my whole life.


Some dream, huh?


And in those days I shall pour out my spirit on all flesh, and your young people shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.


And whoever among you would be great, must be a servant, and whoever would be first, must be the least. For the Son of man also came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.





* Too wordy. Reduce by a quarter.


Hebrews 5:8-9


 “Although Jesus was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered; and being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.”


Some questions.


How much can Christ really understand your ups and downs? How close was his human experience to ours? Did he start with some inbuilt advantages that we do not have? Did he not sin because he fought off temptation, or did he not sin because it was impossible for God’s Son to do so? In short: how human was he, really? 


Did Jesus have to achieve his beautiful character the hard way, or was it handed to him “on a platter” from birth?




First let me risk the obvious by saying that no two people have the same experience. There is remarkable diversity among us. The product of genes, upbringing, culture, religion, friendships and conflict.

            The young woman born ‘with a silver spoon in her mouth’ cannot fully understand the pressures on the daughter of a wharf labourer.

            The man brought up in miner’s home cannot comprehend the expectations of, and pressures on, the son of a High Court judge.

            The person with not one day’s sickness cannot possibly fully comprehend what it means to be the person who has suffered a fearsome chain of illnesses.

            The gifted person with an elevated IQ cannot know what it is like to be person of much more limited intelligence.

            Those who were brought up in a warm, loving family are not able to fully understand what it like for the person growing up in a dysfunctional, abusive family situation.


The same goes for Jesus. His experience was his own, and cannot be exactly mirrored by any of us. That is an essential part of being human.


Nevertheless, we all share our basic humanity; we have (maybe) 90% in common. And from that commonality and the things that have happened to us, most of us are able to empathise with others. If we want to, that is!


What I am asking about Jesus is whether he did share this 90% commonality? Was he truly human; one of us? Did he find some things easy, some hard, some pleasures intense and some less intense, was he pulled this way, pulled that way. Did he have to painstakingly grow and develop, bit by bit, as we do? Or was his personality, his character, entirely prefabricated before he was born and only put together again on earth? Human or the Divine in human disguise?




The answer we give is crucial. Among the things Christians believe is that through the life and death of Christ, God took our human experience right into the heart of Divine experience. 


Because of Jesus, God can empathise with us. Not just fret and fuss over us as a superior, utterly different Being, but care for us as One who personally knows us from the inside; from the body, mind, heart and soul of Jesus of Nazareth.


We say that through his holy Son God knows what it is like to be hungry or feast, to toil and sweat. God knows the frustration of learning discipline and skills which do not come naturally. God comprehends what it is like to sleep peacefully or toss sleeplessly, to relax and enjoy a joke.

Through Jesus God personally knows the subtlety of some temptations and the frontal audacity of others. God has experienced sore muscles, head aches, and teenage acne. From Christ God appreciates what it’s like to be warmed by a smile or snubbed by indifference.


God understands what it’s like enjoy a new friendship and treasure an old one, to feel affirmed and to feel betrayed, to suffer for the truth, to be misunderstood, to make enemies, to suffer emotional and physical agony, and to feel forsaken. Yes, even to feel forsaken by everyone. At the cross God (paradoxically) knows what its like to feel forsaken by God.


For these Christian claims to be true, Jesus would have had to be genuinely one of us. Some people would tell us that if Jesus were not divine, then Christianity is a hoax. That is a part of the truth. I would rather start on the other side: If Jesus were not fully human, then Christianity is a hoax.




There are a number of people of Christian orientation who seem to think the feet of Jesus never really touched the ground. They speak as if he was a heavenly superman who had nothing to learn, and who could not possibly do wrong not matter what the temptation.


For these people, it’s as if from conception Jesus was essentially superior to the rest of us. [Some try to use the Virgin Birth as a guarantee of his superiority. Divine sperm, Mary merely the carrier] In their view he was the fully made Christ when he left the womb. All complete from infancy; ‘the little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.”


They think that from the beginning he was all-wise and all loving. Never a flaw or a smudge. A precocious but obedient child of a perfect Mother. A fully matured teenager, with no turmoil and definitely no sexual phantasies. The unflappable, omnipotent, omniscient Lord. Finished product, from the start.


If that is so, then he was not truly incarnate. Not truly human. Maybe he looked like us but not really one of us.


If he did not make mistakes and learn from them, what use is he to creatures like me?

If he did not sometimes misunderstand, and act foolishly, then he is no brother of mine.

If he did not sometimes exasperate his parents, and at time frustrate his teachers, then he has little in common with my grandchildren.

If he did not suffer with only the same human resources at his disposal as the rest of us, then he has not as to what it’s like to be dying from cancer or suffering acute arthritis.

If he did not as a human experience forsakenness, than he cannot empathise with us when we feel all alone.

If Jesus is not truly homo sapiens, but a divine superbeing, then he is a benevolent hoax.




The adolescent church of the first few centuries, vibrantly making its way at considerable cost in the mighty Roman Empire, had no doubt that God was uniquely active in Jesus for the salvation of the world. They were sure that he was the fulfilment of the purest hopes and prayers of all history. They knew “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself” but they had no clear, unified doctrine by which to describe him.


There were those who clung to his divinity at the expense of his humanity. These said he could not really be human. So they claimed he acted the part of a holy man to show us how it was done. Some even said that because the Divine could not be killed, the Divine Spirit that came on Jesus at his baptism, left him before the crucifixion.


Others seemed to be confused with both his humanity and divinity, and (e.g. among the para gospels) made the boy Jesus a terrible little, obnoxious, religious upstart; endued with power which he used capriciously, blighting teachers when they annoyed him, and cursing playmates when they did not treat him right.


However, there were many who kept the whole Jesus in mind. They who were profoundly changed by his divinity, also knew and loved his humanity. “That which our eyes have seen, our ears heard, and our hands touched.” says John. 


The letter to the Hebrews, not an easy book to understand, presents him attaining and fulfilling his unique divinity through the disciplines and sufferings of an utterly human life. “Although Jesus was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered; and been made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.” Hebrews 5:8-9


I like that! I need that! Hebrews gives us a Son of God who shares our real humanity yet offers us the supreme grace of divinity. He is one who had to grow in understanding and wisdom (as in Luke) in the hard school of life. One who needed to be taught everything by his parents and teachers, and when necessary to be rebuked. One who learned from disciplines and sufferings.


We shy away from that suffering stuff. Not surprisingly, we dislike hard discipline and pain. We would like a trouble free, painless existence. Yet we need to face the truth

that we often learn more through sufferings than we do through comfortable times.


On ABC TV recently we had the story of two handicapped young men. Both became paraplegics. One lost his legs. One had limited use of limbs. Both of them through immense pain and effort were now top sportsmen.  One of these in reflecting on his experience said: “If it had not been for my accident I would never have achieved as much as I have now. What is more, I am a much different and better person because of my suffering.”


Suffering used creatively can enhance the beauty of a human life. Hebrews sees Jesus finally attainting his perfection in love through his suffering. It’s simple and as awful as that.

I am glad that the letter to the Hebrews made it into the NT.  I am grateful for its witness to a Christ who “in the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to God who was able to save him from death.”




God in Christ became involved in human experience. God knows the things we go through, and how hard it is to love one another in largely selfish world. Our Christ went through the full range of human experience.


However some of you may be silently objecting: “Not quite. Okay, he was like us in most ways, apart from one important thing. He did not know what it is like to feel the shame of sin.” Those of you who think this way, may have in mind a sentence from last week’s reading from the Letter to the Hebrews: “We do not have a high priest [Christ] who is unable to sympathise with our weakness, but one who in every respect was tempted as we are, yet without sin.” If he was without sin, how can he know what it is like to be us.


Let me respond this way.  You don’t have to have done wrong to be made feel ashamed by others. A person asked to take part in a police line up, can feel shame as the victim goes along the line looking into each face. There can be a feeling of imputed guilt, or guilt be association.


It is also unfortunately common for a child who is sexually abused by a parent to feel guilty; often because the abuser blames them, or if they try to tell the other parent, that parent blames them. Moreover, one can feel a sense of guilt by association if we belong to a group, or family, or nation that does something bad. Guilt by association and imputation is common.


In his trials and physical abuse and his death, Jesus was presumed guilty. Recall that phrase: “he was numbered among the transgressors.” He was in the police line up and they all said: “that’s him!” Imagine what it was like for Jesus to be arrested like a common criminal and dragged off into the night.


Think what it meant for Jesus who loved God totally, to be accused and condemned for blasphemy against God, by the highest religious authority in the land. Imagine what it was like to be treated like scum by the soldiers. Think of how he must have felt when Pilate gave the crowd the choice between releasing Jesus or a murderer named Barabbas, and they chose the killer. Imputed guilt was thrust on Jesus from every direction and he just had to bear it: He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities.


I believe that in the awful shame yet awesome wonder of Christ’s suffering and death, our human brother Jesus entered in the full range of our worst human experiences. “Although Jesus was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered; and being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.” Hebrews 5:8-9


This Christ was not prefabricated. This Jesus is no hoax. He is one of us. By being also One with God he has changed everything for all time. "This is the God we adore.”





I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, Child of Humanity, Child of God.

I believe in a Baby who was small and helpless, dependent on Mary and Joseph, nurtured on human milk and affection.

I believe he had to move from fledgling consciousness along the slow, steep curve of learning, which is common to us all.


I believe in a Child who kept his soul always ready for the Spirit, and his heart open to the needs of those around him, and who grew in wisdom and unequalled love.


I believe in a Youth who experienced the emotional roller coaster of puberty as he moved from child to young adult with many unanswered questions.


I believe in a wonderful Adult who said and did remarkable things, and was tempted all the way, just like we are, yet made no compromise with sin.


I believe in God who named him the only beloved Son, and sent him on a mission which was in the short view, doomed to fail.


I believe in a Christ whose utter humiliation and execution was the greatest triumph of the human soul and of the divine Spirit.


I believe in the Lord Jesus who transcends death and is the first fruit of the amazing harvest of the dear and holy dead.


I believe in Jesus, Child of humanity, Child of God. My brother, my Lord.




That by the stimulus of Christ, we may continue through all our days to grow in the knowledge and love of all that is true and gracious, we pray to the God of light and love. Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


That in the power of the Spirit the people of the church may cherish the faith, share the Gospel, and live together in respect, trust and peace, we pray to the God of light and love. Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


That if temptations set upon us we may stand firm, and if they afflict or break others, we may be agents of your truth and saving mercy, we pray to the God of light and love.

 Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


That when others are hungry, sick or sad, misjudged, downtrodden or abused, they may find comfort, healing, justice, dignity and joy, we pray to the God of light and love.

Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


That by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, parliaments and heads of state may lead people away from things that corrupt and dismay, we pray to the God of light and love.

Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


That we, with malice towards none and with commitment to the well being of all, may be stretched to our full potential in Christ’s free service, we pray to the God of light and love.

 Loving God, hear our prayer and strengthen our compassion.


Now unto the One Holy God who is able to do much more than we can achieve or even conceive,

be glory in the church through Christ Jesus, for this time forth and evermore. Amen!




You are among the most fortunate people on earth. You have a Spirit-Friend who knows all your needs long before you pray.


Nothing can happen outside of God’s providence. Nothing can exhaust the resources of Christ’s grace.


Go out into the world in peace.


The blessing of God all-loving, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will be with you as long as life lasts and eternity endures.

Thanks be to God!


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