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[* Note: the Uniting Church in Australia uses this transfiguration

Gospel on the last Sunday of Epiphany; as a climax to that season;

not in Lent as do some denominations. Also, the sermons included below

Personally, I prefer to observe this transfiguration Gospel in Lent.

I like to link it with the Cross For it is on the cross that the full glory of our

Saviour is displayed. However I appreciate the counter argument. as a

good servant” of the UCA, I stick with my denominational church calendar.]



Matthew 17:1-9                                                (Sermon 1: “Speaking about the unspeakable”}

2 Peter 1:16-21                                                 (Sermon 2: “What went on up there?”)

Exodus 24: 12-18

Psalm 99 or Psalm 2




The glory of the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth,  be with you all.

            And also with you.


Today is the high point of the season of Epiphany, which began on January 6th when we celebrated the coming of the Wise Men to worship the infant Christ. In Jesus, the true light of God shines with irrepressible glory.

            That which was from the very beginning,

            which was heard with human ears

            and looked at with human eyes

            and touched by human hands:

            the very Word of Life. (1 John 1:1)


O world invisible, we view thee,

O world intangible, we touch thee,

O world unknowable, we know thee,

Inapprehensible, we clutch thee.  

                        (Francis Thomson)




Jesus was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes

were like white light.

And a voice from the cloud said: This is my much-loved Son, with whom I am very pleased, listen to him.


God from God, Light from Light, the dazzling radiance of God’s glory:

Jesus of Nazareth, Friend of sinners.

Glory and honour, thanksgiving and praise, be given to our God forever and ever!




Your glory, most Awesome-Friend! We glimpse your glory in the night skies, and sense your

handiwork across coast and inland. Yet much, much more we see your glory in Christ Jesus, transfigured by your light, and winsomely glorious in his final suffering, death and resurrection.


Please rescue our worship from self-serving sentimentality. Confront us with the Christ who brings disciples trembling to their knees; the One who awakens unanswerable questions and uninhibited adoration. For yours is the true light and the power and the glory, for ever.





My friends, let each of us now seek the grace of our Saviour Christ. Let us pray.


Holy Light, something embedded in the soul whispers: “All is made for light”. But our proud ignorance shouts louder, and lead us back into the dark lies and prejudices of an evil world.

Lord have mercy.

            Christ have mercy.


Holy Peace, something deep in us says: “All is made for harmony”, But the discords within me joins with the cacophony of the world around me, and I slip back into distrust and aggression.

Christ have mercy.

            Christ have mercy.


Holy Love, something in our human spirit sings: “All is made for justice and compassion”. But fear and greed quell the song, and we acquiesce in neglect and injustice.

            Lord have mercy.



Liberating and healing God, by the grace of Jesus Christ, may we be forgiven, and delivered from all the powers of darkness. In the light of Christ may we walk without wavering or stumbling. For your name’s sake.





Sisters and brothers in the faith, Christ Jesus came with peace to those who were near and peace to those who were far away. In him our sins are forgiven and our final victory assured.

         Thanks be to God.





Loving God,

please make us more like shiny like Jesus.

Help us to love you more and more and more,

until our faces shine a with love

and our actions sparkle with kindness.

But please, God,

don’t let us know when our faces shine,

because we might get proud

and that would spoil it all.





The glorious love of God rules;

         let arrogant nations tremble!


God wears the light of galaxies;

         let our little planet shake!

Greater than the holiest temples,

         shaper of time and space.

Let humanity tremble in awe

         and worship such Otherness!


Exquisite Lover of justice,

         you uphold sincere goodness.

Wherever there is impartial love,

         it is your activity.

Let everyone sing your praises

         and fall at your holy feet.


Among today’s pastors and priests

         you still have a Moses and Aaron.

Wherever there are seers and prophets,

         there is found a Samuel.

Pillars of fire still speak,

         and the law of love still stands.



O unspeakable Name,

         even now you hear your people.

You are a forgiving God,

         but you take evil to task

We celebrate such awesome love,

         we exult in the holiness of our God!.


                                    More Australian Psalms, Ó  B.D. Prewer &      

                                                            Open Book Publishers




Briefly, ever so briefly,

     I have seen it,

     haven’t you?

That radiant light

     in serendipity

     moments when we shed

our worldly wise veneer

     and get our thick head

     out of the night.


A glimpse so clear;

     a shining moment when

     we know light is Light

and see God in the true Son;

     they with him there,

     and he with us here.

Briefly enlightened then,

     awe beyond awe;

     ever so near.


Followed soon by

     the counter attack,

     when common doubts

swirl blindingly back,

     mocking us and

     that visionary moment

as a quaint pious wraith.

     Then we must dare live by

     the seed of faith.

                                                © B.D. Prewer 1997




Most loving God, we thank you for the radiance that transfigured the whole being of Jesus of Nazareth. We are grateful for the light that has broken through in every generation since, even unto our generation. Please teach us to treasure the special transfigured moments, that they be a lasting encouragement for us when we must travel across hot and dusty plains, or through deep and shadowed valleys. Assist us to travel faithfully, lovingly, and with the courage that refuses to be put down by bullying fears. Through Jesus Christ our Saviour.





     Matthew 17: 1-21


After dawn, Jesus led the way down the mountain, his three companions lagging behind. For half an hour they hardly spoke a word. Not even Peter who, normally boisterous, was now unusually quiet.


At last James drew back a little from Peter and beckoned to his brother John: “I don’t know whether I should tell you this. But I had the weirdest dream up there last night.”


John stopped walking, and looked quizzically at James. “What do you mean, weird?”


“Well.... it’s hard to describe...sounds stupid, you’ll not believe’s just........ Last night I dreamed I saw the Master all dazzling like the sun. His face, his clothes, everything. Utterly awesome. You’ll think I’m crazy.”


John gripped his brother’s elbow tightly: “No I don’t. Go on. What else? “


James looked sharply at his brother’s face to detect any mockery lurking there. Finding none, he went on: “The Master was talking with two men. Just not ordinary men. Dead men. In my dream I was sure they were Moses and Elijah.”


“Is that so?” was the only comment John made.


“You don’t look very surprised," replied James.


“I’m not. You see, brother, I had exactly the same dream last night. ”


James shook his elbow free. “You’re kidding! Stop fooling around, John! I knew you would not take me seriously!”


John spun James around and looked into his eyes: “I’m serious. Absolutely serious. I did have the same dream. Jesus was completely....well….er….. sort of transfigured with light. You had better believe it, ‘cos it’s true. Exactly the same dream as you, including the Moses and Elijah bit. I was too reticent to mention it, in case you and Peter thought I had gone raving mad.”


Peter stopped his descent and looked back ; “Come on you two. What’s keeping you.


James and John climbed down to where Peter stood and John said: “A co-incidence. We’re discussing a weird coincidence. That’s all. We both had the same dream last night up there on top of the mountain.”


Peter looked more relieved than surprised.  He spoke softly: “I don’t suppose I was in your dream, babbling on about building three shelters?”


James and John seemed stunned. At last John said: “Well yes. You were in the dream. And you did want to build three brush shelters. How ever did you guess that?”


“I didn’t guess it!” exclaimed Peter. “You see, I had this vision kind of thing. I don’t think I was dreaming but it was spooky. I saw Jesus all shiny. Dazzling. And he was talking with.... you won’t believe this.... talking with Moses and Elijah?  Then a cloud came over the mountain and I thought I heard the voice of......wait for it.... the voice of God saying: This is my precious son, with whom I’m completely pleased. Listen to him. And then, the whole vision faded and there was just the three of us, and the Master. Just us and that dark hour before dawn.”


“Wow!” said John, “you too!”


“Do you think it really happened?” asked James. “Like, is it possible we were not dreaming, and you Peter, did not have a freaky vision, but that it was real?


Peter nodded. “I’m beginning to think that’s more than a possibility. Spooky, but real.”


“Now that I know it was not just me, I can’t wait till I get back to the others,” exclaimed James. “This will make their hair rise on end.”


 “It’s already making mine stand up!” exclaimed John. “It will certainly make quite a stir when we tell them. And won’t they be envious!”


“No way!” cried Peter, grabbing the arms of the brothers. “No way. You’re not going to rush back and tell them. Button you lips, for goodness sake.”


“Why should we?” chorused James and John, shrugging off Peter’s grip.


Peter tapped his finger on his head. “Think, guys. Think. Will they believe you? Or will they reckon we three have gone bonkers? Seeing ghosts of Moses and Elijah? Hearing heavenly voices? Seeing the Master shine like the sun? Use your heads, what would you think if one of them came to you with a cock and bull story like that? For that matter, didn’t each of us doubt our own sanity, until what each saw was confirmed by the other two?”


“But we can’t keep it to ourselves,” grumbled John. “It’s news that’s very hard to sit on. It’s sure to slip out when we’re not thinking.”


“Maybe Peter is right,” admitted James, “Don’t let’s rush this.”


“I’m not convinced,” John went on. “It’s a risk, I know, but if it really happened, then the others deserve to know. Isn’t that fair?”


“In these cases, fair is stupid” retorted Peter. “How can you explain something like that? It is so different from anything else that has ever happened on earth, that there are no words to fit it. How can you speak the unspeakable and not make a fool of yourself?”


“That worries you, does it?” replied John, “making a fool of yourself? You always worry too much about what others think, Peter. It will get you into trouble one day. We should be prepared to put up with a bit of ridicule for the sake of the truth. Shouldn’t we?”


James shook his head. “No John. It does not make sense to speak about it yet . Peter is right. How can you find words to explain the out-of-this-world stuff that happened to us last night? How can we speak about the unspeakable? You and I first thought it was a dream. Peter thought it was a vision. The others will think we have lost it and freaked out completely. They’ll reckon we are possessed by some demons.”



“Afraid so,” agreed Peter. “Even if I live to be a hundred, I doubt whether I’ll be able to convince others of what we saw. Unless people have experienced for themselves at least a bit of that uncanny dazzling divine light around the Master, they won’t believe.”


They descended silently for a few minutes.


“You know,” commented John,” the more I think about it, what happened back up there was not new. It has happened before, while we have been on the road with the Master.”


“Not with me, is hasn’t!” retorted James. “It was a one-off for sure.”


John gripped his brother’s shoulder: “Are you sure, James? Haven’t there been times when Jesus has been teaching, or healing, or telling parables, or just talking with us and asking questions, when just for a moment something, like a flash of light, has flooded your mind and soul? In that brief moment the Lord’s love has become suddenly clearer, and spiritual things have become more real?”


“Maybe. Well come to think of it, yes. There have been moments sort of like that. But I have not been able to hang on to them. The light quickly fades; it goes before I can properly focus on it. I know I’ve seen it, and I long to hang on to it. But I can’t.”


“Well there you are,” said John. “What we saw on the mountain was that moment of light extended into a whole experience. We saw the full glory that truly belongs to our Master Jesus. That glory that is often not perceived by us. Maybe we what three have seen with our own eyes is the glory of God in the face of our Master Jesus?”


“Yea, maybe. P’raps you’re on to something. Thanks, mate,” said Peter.


“That light stuff works for me. You know the other day, when Jesus asked who we thought he really was? And I suddenly blurted out: You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Well, what suddenly came out of my mouth was a surprise even for me. You see, the answer came like a sharp flash of light. But brighter and longer than the very tiny moments that you have reminded us, about, James. I briefly saw the glorious truth that belongs to the Master as it belongs to no other man or woman. You’re right. The vision (or whatever) up there on the mountain was an extension of that. But I reckon if we hadn’t already put our trust in the Master, and followed him, we would not have seen anything unusual. Very likely we would have slept through the lot- like old men dozing in the synagogue, even although the rabbi might be preaching an enlightening sermon?”


James gave a soft whistle through his teeth. “O Yea! Isn’t it hard to put I into words, but?”


Conclusion: Back to earth.


Together, the three young men followed Jesus down the mountain to where a crowd was waiting for them. Many were poor souls hoping to be healed by the Man from Nazareth.


Jesus placed his strong, soothing hands on a boy who was suffering a seizure. The convulsion stopped, the child was made whole!


James whispered to his brother and Peter: “Wow! Just then. Briefly. The Light? Did you see it? The light again ! The light! The LIGHT!!”]



If the preacher is not pressed for time, the following dialogue may continue.  It may a rather  long sermon , though. Should this next section be used, the conclusion above should be omitted.



[John, “You are starting to convince me, guys. Maybe we should stay quiet about it for now. Come on then, let’s get moving. The Master is waiting down there ahead of us on the track.”


Jesus was sitting on a rock looking back up the trail at them. They came down to his side. He asked them: “What were you guys talking about? You seemed agitated.”


Peter spoke up. “Master, I reckon you know. We think it was something out of this world that happened up there last night. We are still a bit shaken up. Our understanding was stretched beyond breaking point, yet it did not break. Master, what happened last night was real, wasn’t it?”


Jesus answered: “Maybe it was more real than today’s sunrise, and more real than this mountain. More real than the rock on which I’m sitting. What do you reckon?”


Peter answered:  “We think it was real. Not a dream. Nor a freaky vision of my crazy mind. We reckon we are now beginning to understand where you get all your wisdom and love from, Master. It’s spooky, like awesome.  But it’s also wonderful. Gut yanking awesome!”


“Don’t be afraid. Only keep believing,” Jesus said. “But you seemed to be arguing. What was that



“We were trying to decide whether we should tell the others,” answered James.


Jesus grinned and shook his head: “If you at first thought it was some kind of a dream, or a vision, what will the others think? They are not ready for it yet. Their time will come. But that time is not yet.


After I have suffered many things at the hands of priests and rulers, and been killed; after I have risen again, that will be the time to speak of this happening. Although even then, your words will be poor agents of the Light, for the treasure you possess will always be held in clay pots. But first, I must suffer according to the Scriptures.”


Peter immediately protested: “Master, there you go again. Talking about suffering and death. It’s not right. It’s morbid. If what we saw up there is real, no one can harm you. Nothing can. Please stop taking about being killed.”


Jesus retorted: “And there you go again, Peter!  Giving me advice about my mission; a mission which you still can’t seem to understand. Again you echo the thoughts of the Evil One. I’m more sad than angry with you Peter.”


“But hear this, and listen carefully: No only shall I suffer ignominy and death, but it is right that this should happen. Yes it is right. I tremble at the thought, break out in a cold sweat when I lie awake at night, but it is right. I have come to this task, not to be served, but to serve and give my life as a ransom for the people. You do not understand this now, but you will later.”


The three disciples stood aghast, looking confused and fearful. “But Master,” began James.


“No more buts. Just stay with me. And don’t try to speak of what happened last night. Don’t mention what you saw, or what you heard from the cloud of God’s holy Presence. Say nothing until I have risen from the dead. Okay?”


Peter screwed up his face in bewilderment. James and John again seemed about to protest.


“Come here, you three,” said Jesus. “Here put your right hands on mine. That’s right. Tell no one what you have seen until I have endured what must be endured. Everything is going to be okay?”


“No’ said Peter, “it is not okay. I want it to be okay, Master, but what you predict seems terrible; impossible, an utter waste of your life. One moment you seem to pessimistic, and you talk of a horrible death. Then the next minute you come out with something like rising on the third day. We don’t get it, Master.”


“Nevertheless, we love you and will do as you say. We have glimpsed your glory, and you alone have the words of abundant life. Pray for us Master, that in the hour of trial, we may not weaken. Thank you Master, for taking us up this mountain and giving us this unspeakable insight. We will not tell the others, yet.”


“Amen!” agreed James and John. “Thank you Master.”


Jesus looked upon them and loved them. “Peter, James and John, I have prayed for you and will pray for you until the end: That you will pass through the tribulations that are to come, and be my witnesses to the far corners of the world. Come on now, let’s move. We are needed down on the



Together, the three young men followed Jesus down the mountain to where a crowd was waiting for them. Many were poor souls hoping to be healed by the Man from Nazareth.


As Jesus placed his strong, soothing hands on a boy who was suffering a seizure, James whispered to his brother and Peter: “Wow! Just then. Briefly. The Light? Did you see it? That light again! A brief flash! The light! The  LOVE-LIGHT!”]





Matthew 17:2-5


“And Jesus was transfigured in front of them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothing became as white as light.”


“A bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said: “This is precious Son, with whom I am delighted; listen to him.” Matthew 17: 5


2 Peter 1: 16b-18


We were eye-witnesses to his majesty. When he received honour and glory from God the Father and the voice came to him from the Radiant Cloud: This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. We actually heard this voice from heaven. We were with Jesus, there on the mountain.   


What went on? Up there on the mountain?


What went on with a radiant Jesus, those three stunned disciples, a shining cloud, Moses and Elijah, and an awesome voice from the heavens?


What really happened that day? Was it vision, hallucination or some stunt?


That is the kind of questions put to us by secular citizens of the twenty first century. They would like to have been there with TV cameras, infra red cameras, Geiger counters, and most prominent of all, with a mob of reporters. They would have travelled across the world for an interview with Peter, James and John; to be aired on Sixty Minutes or, if possible, a “live” interview instantly beamed around the world.


I can see it: A microphone shoved under the nose of John; “Mr Zebedee, may I call you John? Thank you for giving us your time. Please tell us in your own words what....”


That would not be all of course. There would be many explanations, from those who spend their lives spinning theories. From psychiatrists to physicists, theologians to astrologers, psychic research buffs and philosophers, mediums, UFO researchers and new age fanatics. It would be immense!


Doesn’t it make you glad that it happened way back in Caesar’s time and not now?




The only information we seem to have from that actual day comes from Matthew, Mark and Luke, and one brief reference from the brief letter we know as the Second Letter of Peter. The three Gospel writers tell a similar story, with some variations that seem to fit the particular style and emphasis of each author.


Each Gospel includes the mountain retreat, Jesus with Peter, James and John, the time of prayer, the radiance that transfigures Jesus, the disciples flat on their faces, a luminous cloud over the mountain, Moses and Elijah and the Heavenly Voice.


That is all that we are told in way of a description.  We know that is how the first Christians heard and retold the story. It is the story that was still circulating during the second half of the first century A.D. It is impossible for us to go back further than that. Moreover, I for one do not see much point in tyring to go back any further.


# The following section may be omitted for a shorter sermon.




You see, this is a faith story. The transfiguration account was treasured, and retold again and again, among the early believers. They did this because it helped demonstrate, in vivid pictorial form, the answer they had found to one critical question: Who is Jesus? Why should we take any notice of him?


That was a key question. It remains a crucial question today. Sometimes people have put that question to me merely as an intellectual game (A “let’s have an argument with the pastor” game) but other times it is put to me earnestly and with anguish by genuine seekers: “Who is this Jesus?”


It took me some years as a minister to wake up to the first type of dilettante questioners. I can now usually recognise the argumentative time-wasters and politely but firmly suggest they go and play with someone else.


The second group of questioners, those hungry for answers, I will always have time for. Who is Jesus? Why should we take any notices of him?


What I try to witness to, in my own clumsy way, is the same thing the Gospel writers were on about when they told the story of the transfiguration of Christ. This Jesus was unique. In him the fullness of the Essence of God was present. Listen to him, learn from him, throw your lot totally in with him, and then in the discipleship that follows you will learn for yourself who this Jesus of Nazareth really is.]




The transfiguration story in the first three Gospels is an epiphany story. It is a story about the unveiling of God amongst us. It is about seeing the light of God shining in the face of Jesus Christ. 


That is why in the Uniting Church, we observe this day on the last Sunday before Lent; at the climax of the Epiphany season. The three Wise Men came seeking the light of God and found it at Bethlehem. Now, three from among the disciples are taken by Jesus up the mountain, and there they have an epiphany, they see the light of God displayed in the whole being of Jesus, and in that moment they become three wise men.


This transfiguration story is similar to the story later told by that hot-tempered man named Saul of Tarsus. He was on his way from Jerusalem to Damascus to persecute those disgusting heretics called Christians. But on the highway a bright light from heaven transfixed him, and when he asked the question: “Who are you heavenly Lord” the voice replied: “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”  That was Saul’s epiphany story. In that moment, he became one of the wise men.


The reason why we treasure and celebrate the moment of truth for Peter, James and John, is that is speaks to our hearts. In a vivid, pictorial way it reminds us of the moments when we sense the glory of God in Jesus and fall down and worship him. It affirms within us those special experiences times when we, in our own modest way, experience something of an epiphany.


For a handful of people, such utterly clear moments are large, clear and frequent. For most of us they are small and brief and occasional.  That does not mean that those who have spectacular epiphanies are somehow spiritually superior souls. It simply means that God deals with us in different ways.  The important thing is to follow the light we have glimpsed, be it ever so brief.


When I use the word “see” and “seen,” I am not talking about these physical eyes which we have on each side of the bridge of the nose. I am talking about spiritual enlightenment, a moment when a profound “Ah yes!” happens.  Most of us have at least one or two such brief times of spiritual clarity. “Ah yes! I SEE!”




The validity of any epiphany is not found in our feelings but in our actions; not in the length of our epiphany but in the quality of our love that the experience evokes.


Love in word and deed. That’s the test.


To those who have glimpsed the glory of Christ, God says: “This is my precious Son; listen to

him as an obedient disciple. He will never lead you astray.  Listen to him.” And what does God’s Son say to us? “A new commandment I give unto you. That you love one another. Even as I have loved you, so you must also love one another.”


This love, which flows from a valid epiphany, may prove costly. It involves us in sharing the mission of Jesus.


Peter, James and John, saw the truth of their Master Jesus, a truth which was more glorious than anything they could have predicted. And they heard the word of God which would send them out on a love-mission which stayed with them until they met their death.


In a few years time, James the disciple and apostle would be beheaded, for what he saw and heard that day and would not keep quiet about.

Many years later, Peter would be crucified outside the pagan city of Rome, rather than go back on his epiphany.

John, well we don’t know when he died, but the last “positive sighting” we have of him is in exile for his beliefs on the lonely island of Patmos, still faithful to the vision he had seen.


Paul, that later recipient of a transfiguration moment, would be arrested in Jerusalem, and sent under guard to Rome. There he would linger under arrest until that day when he would face execution in loyalty to his epiphany.


Those moments of Light were wonderful. They were glorious. NO wonder Peter wanted to build shelters on the mountain top and prolong the experience. But the experience had to be validated.


They were

validated by a quality of love for God and for one’s fellows, which would prove very costly. Even when the cost was the ultimate price, I don’t think one of them would have had it any other way.  Once we have glimpsed the transfigured Christ, nothing else matters as much it used to.


“And Jesus was transfigured in front of them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothing became as white as light.”  Matthew 17:2


“A bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said: “This is precious Son, with whom I am delighted; listen to him.” Matthew 17: 5


We were eye-witnesses to his majesty. When he received honour and glory from God the Father and the voice came to him from the Radiant Cloud: This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. We actually heard this voice from heaven. We were with Jesus, there on the mountain.    2 Peter 1: 16b-18


See and marvel. Hear and listen. See and hear and then obey.




In a Light that is brighter than all lights,

I believe.


A light that shone at the beginning, and called into existence creatures of light,

a light that guided Abraham and Sarah to a new land and mighty destiny,

a light that illuminated David’s poems and flooded Isaiah’s proclamations,

I believe.


A light that has never left itself without witness among all nations and cultures,

a light entrancing the indigenous people of our land from their dreamtime,

a light at work for maybe 6o,ooo years of communal spirituality,

I believe.


A light that shone in Bethlehem and brought shepherds running with joy,

a light that drew Galilean crowds to hear about a father’s prodigal love,

a light that enveloped the meek, the poor, the lame and the diseased,

I believe.


A light that was a dazzling radiance on the mount of revelation,

a light that blazed with unspeakable glory on the hill of crucifixion,

a light that burst free from the stone tomb on the first Easter morning,

I believe.


In a Light brighter than all lights,

I believe.


So help me, God!






* For 2 voices.


Stir up in us, Loving God, the desire and the determination to glorify you in every prayer and in all our relationships.

Transfigure not only our own lives but also the lives and affairs of the millions with whom we share this planet.


Transfigure each ordinary church-goer.

     Dispel discouragement and self-doubt, self-righteousness and arrogance.


Transfigure the women and men who preach the Gospel. 

     Enlarge their understanding and expand their capacity to love.


Transfigure the hopes of the down-trodden and dispossessed.

     Give a new compassion to the strong and the prosperous.


Transfigure the expectations of the young.

     Disperse the vainglory and indulgence with which this society indoctrinates them.


Transfigure the values and goals of political leaders.

     Inspire them to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with you.


Transfigure the anguish of those who tremble or weep, suffer or die today.

     Let the valley of sorrows become an avenue of hope to your children.


Through Jesus Christ our Lord.





Holy Friend, please continue to indwell us and transfigure us with the light of Christ Jesus. Let us serve you well, even when we don’t see things clearly. Help us to do the most important things humbly, the boring things gladly, the exciting things carefully, the humble things lovingly, and the risky things with discernment and courage. Let each day be a worthy paragraph in the story of Christ’s transfiguration story.  In his name we pray.





God, the most beautiful and most holy One, radiant beyond our imagining, says to us. “This is my precious Son, with whom I am delighted, listen to him.”

         Jesus our Brother and Lord says: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

          “This I command you: Love one another.”


Wonderfully happy are those who hear the word of Christ and do it.

          Amen! Let love be in the work of our hands, the words of our mouths, and in the heart        of all our prayers.


The grace of the transfigured and transfiguring Christ,

the love of the transfiguring God,

and the friendship of the transfiguring Spirit,

be with us all.




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Third edition May 2014

ISBN   978-1-62880-033-3 Australia

Jesus Our Future

Prayers for the Twenty First Century

 Second Edition May 2014

ISBN 978-1-62880-032-6

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Although this book was written with young people in mind, it has proved to be popular with Christians or seekers of all ages. Through the eyes and ears of a youth named Chip, big questions are raised and wrestled with; faith and doubt,  unanswered  prayers, refugees,  death and grief, racism and bullying, are just a few of the varied topics confronted in these pages. Suitable as a gift to the young, and proven to be helpful when it has been used as a study book for adults.

Australian Prayers has been a valuable prayer resource for over thirty years.  These prayers are suitable for both private and public use and continue to be as fresh and relevant today as ever.  Also, the author encourages users to adapt geographical or historical images to suit local, current situations.

This collection of original, contemporary prayers is anchored firmly in the belief that no matter what the immediate future may hold for us, ultimately Jesus is himself both the goal and the shape of our future.  He is the key certainty towards which the Spirit of God is inexorably leading us in this scientific and high-tech era. Although the first pages of this book were created for the turn of the millennium, the resources in this volume reflect the interests, concerns and needs of our post-modern world.